TOP 3 SEO Mistakes. Successful Tips on How to Improve SEO Returns for You & Your Clients

TOP 3 SEO Mistakes. Successful Tips on How to Improve SEO Returns for You & Your Clients - SEO Marketing Machine

When your SEO strategies are effective, you visibly reach your goals in terms of page views, conversions, increases in revenue, and other metrics. You can measure the return on investment and present the results to your clients.

On the contrary, if you’re falling short on your objectives or target metrics, and if you can’t sustain the success of your strategies, these would be detrimental to how clients regard your services. The content you generate for your clients won’t be found, and they won’t enjoy more brand recognition and sales.

Therefore, you have to be careful when applying the basic principles of online marketing, and you have to explore how to improve SEO returns for your clients. Content Marketing Institute and Kissmetrics remind online marketers to avoid these common SEO mistakes:

1. You don’t maximize the functionalities or generated data in analytics tools.

Google Analytics, or any other analytics tool or package, should be used throughout your campaigns. Before starting, you have to research the client’s visibility online, as well as the high-traffic keywords and low-traffic phrases that would get them the most conversions and other baselines for performance.

After implementing your strategies, you must then check how well the optimized content is doing (through reports on search-engine rankings, engagement, etc.); find other keywords you could use in future content; and detect and fix broken links or other content that needs repairs. Make sure you use the right analytics tool for the search engine or platform you’re assessing.

2. You don’t use anchor text (or you use the wrong ones) for internal links.

Your web pages are naturally strewn with internal links to make navigation easier for users and to facilitate conversions. Using a generic call to action like “click here,” and not using optimized relevant phrases as the anchor text in these internal links may not be attractive to users and could hurt how search engines index your web pages, too.

For instance, instead of using “browse products here” for a retail brand selling intimate apparel for women, you can use use a phrase like “stylish yet comfortable underwear” or “sexy lingerie and sleepwear” as the anchor text for the link.

3. You focus on quantity, not quality.

Making a successful SEO campaign is not a game of creating the most web pages and links or infusing content with as many keywords as possible. Every link and conversion should be earned through well-written articles. This and other meticulously planned and executed online marketing techniques are precisely what outsourcing companies like SEO Marketing Machine offer their SEO Resellers. Outsource your clients’ SEO campaigns to such service providers and you can prevent the usual SEO slip-ups and improve returns for your clients.