Know the Tricks: SEO Marketing Basics You Shouldn’t Ignore this 2015

Know the Tricks SEO Marketing Basics You Shouldn’t Ignore this 2015 - SEO Marketing Machine

SEO marketing is a constantly changing landscape. It can be difficult for SEO resellers to keep up with the current best practices if their attention is divided among various business operations. This is one of the reasons why it pays to outsource SEO campaigns to reputable white label SEO service providers, as they apply the most effective and current best practices.

According to an article that was recently published in Business 2 Community, trends in SEO marketing can be divided into three key components: technical SEO, user experience, and “fat” content. Indeed, successful SEO campaigns this 2015 will require the integration of these three key components.

Technical SEO

The technical aspect of SEO should never be ignored. Strong keyword research is an important part of technical SEO, mainly because keywords need to be integrated into major components of the site, such as the heading, the URLs, the meta descriptions, page titles, the website’s text, and additional tags that help make your clients’ sites accessible to the search engines. Another aspect of technical SEO is the on-page optimization – you wouldn’t want dead links and duplicate content on your clients’ websites to confuse the search engine crawlers.

User Experience

While coding and other technical aspects of SEO are important, you cannot ignore web design. This falls under the user experience category of SEO. The easier your clients’ sites are to navigate and the more accessible they are, the easier they would be for the search engines to index. A better user experience would also encourage site visitors to make repeat visits. This is why you’ll want an expert to design your clients’ websites—optimizing them for mobile users and ensuring that they load fast.


“Content is king” has become the digital marketer’s mantra because great content is more likely to show up in organic search results, gain traffic, and result in conversions. Your clients’ sites should contain high-quality or “fat” content, which is content that’s full of useful and targeted information that its audience would be compelled to share. Fat content is a far cry from the dreaded “thin” content, which Google’s algorithms penalize and remove from the search results.

Content isn’t just about the info that you want spread; it’s also about how you spread it. According to an article recently published in Forbes, link-building is a great way to have your clients’ content distributed online as well as boost online visibility. If your clients’ content is relevant, targeted, informative, and useful, your clients’ audience will be compelled to share it with their networks.

Trust the Experts

Staying updated on all the current SEO best practices can be challenging. Fortunately, SEO outsourcing experts, like SEO Marketing Machine, can help SEO resellers stay on top of their game. A professional knows what pitfalls to avoid and knows what challenges to expect; contact one now to ensure that your SEO tactics are in line with the best practices in the field.