How to Improve Your SEO Efforts: Know What’s Effective and What’s Not

How to Improve Your SEO Efforts Know What’s Effective and What’s Not - SEO Marketing Machine

Online marketing isn’t as easy as some people think. There’s a lot of chaff to sift through, and online marketing gurus have been trumpeting their knowledge of SEO for years. This has led to the accumulation of a lot of information about online marketing and SEO. Learning how to improve your SEO efforts involves knowing whether a piece of advice is worth following or not.

An article by Ron Johnson in Business 2 Community illustrates a few examples. For instance, a lot of people believe that content is all that you need to succeed. Admittedly, good content would be able to raise your clients’ page rankings; however, to get good content, it should be relevant to your clients’ products or services and be directed to their target market. Great content is worth nothing to your clients if it doesn’t promote their brands or companies in some way. Furthermore, content doesn’t spread, share, or re-post itself; you’ll need to find a method to organically promote and distribute your clients’ content so that it can be effective.

Another SEO myth that needs to be busted is that of the “magic” keyword. A lot of people think that if they can create content that’s peppered with the keyword that’s linked to their business, they can get an instant increase in their search engine results rankings. For example, people aren’t looking for “smartphones” alone; they usually look for “Android smartphones with cameras” or “best way to repair smartphones”. Focusing on topics and utilizing phrases instead of single keywords would deliver better results to your clients.

Another article in Business 2 Community, this time by Jasmine Sandler, highlights another strategy to be wary of: trying to game the system. One of the main ways Google managed to overtake its competitors is that it used backlinks to determine a site’s trustworthiness; this made Google’s results more dependable. Unfortunately, people managed to figure this out and decided to create backlinks wholesale. Google’s response was to penalize bad actors for buying and selling backlinks. As can be seen, attempting shortcuts isn’t part of SEO success; you’ll need to create natural links to your clients’ site by spreading them organically via social media and other platforms.

With the constant changes in the SEO and digital marketing landscape, it can be hard for SEO resellers to stay on top of their game. White label SEO service providers that offer a great SEO starter guide, like SEO Marketing Machine, can help you navigate your way to success.