An SEO Reseller Can Drive Organic Traffic with Long-Tail Keywords

An SEO Reseller Can Drive Organic Traffic with Long-Tail Keywords - SEOMM

Are you still targeting two or three keywords for a website? The following bit of new information might convince you to do otherwise. During the AMA Content Marketing Conference, Chris Baggott of Compendium showed that 70% of most searches are long-tail searches. Therefore, by targeting long-tail keywords, websites will find little competition, thus yielding higher conversion rates.

Moving to longer variations of a website’s seed keyword does more than just improve its SEO. It also promotes real engagement, and helps websites drive more organic traffic and improve its search rankings. As an SEO reseller, how will your white label service provider identify and utilize the long-tail keywords that will do wonders for your clients’ websites?

Looking for Long-Tail Keywords

A blog post from, entitled “How To Increase Blog Traffic: 5 Easy Steps to Stardom,” suggests one simple way of looking for appropriate long-tail keywords for a particular website. Start by noting Google’s auto-complete suggestions, along with some of its related search suggestions. Once all keywords have been collected, put them in the Google Keyword Planner and note the phrases that drive the most traffic.

Understanding its Purpose

Why do you need to research these long-tail keywords in the first place? Another blog post, this time from, entitled “How to Increase Your SEO Traffic With Long Tail Keywords,” explains that it’s simply to help the user solve their problem or find an answer. As cliché as it may sound for most marketers, this still holds true, for search engine spiders will always follow people’s preferences.

Crafting Headlines with Long-Tail Keywords

Now that you’ve been able to determine the phrases that generate the most traffic, it’s time to integrate them into the headlines. Headlines are perhaps the most important element in website copy and blog posts, for it immediately determines 73% of customers’ buying decisions.

Long-tail keywords should be seamlessly and naturally integrated into headlines. This can be achieved by taking a valuable keyword and using qualifiers or generic words to make the insertion look more natural.

Another way of catching people’s attention is to include numbers, most especially odd numbers, in the headline. A study from Moz reveals that 36% of people prefer headlines with numbers, while research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that a headline with an odd number can increase its click rate by 20%.

Marketers need to remember that a winning organic search campaign always begins with using the right keywords. Sign up as a white label SEO reseller with reputable service providers, like SEO Marketing Machine, and start driving targeted organic traffic with long-tail keywords to your clients’ websites.